Posted on: November 2, 2009 12:24 pm

Random Sports thoughts.

Well to start id like to say im Happy today. The reason is because The Yankees are looking like they are going to bring home the ship. With that said id like to bring up something thats making me sad. This is the fact that the Raiders look awful. They are so bad, its gotta be some of the worst football iv seen in my life.

For starters JaMarcus Russell is a 20 pound over weight, big fat rookie. I say rookie cause he did little to nothing for his first 2 years in the league. He also gained 65 pounds in his time sitting, and doing nothing, and only lost 45. He is trashtastic. We needed to keep Garcia, but its to late for that. Also Darren Mcfadden is injured and thats never any good.

Now off the sorry sorry sorry Raiders and to the New york. They Are really letting me down. Im thinking this year, we do ok, and maybe squeek in to the playoffs. Right now thats not looking like its gonna happen. We battled wiht the Bobcats Just to get a double  over time loss.
We lost to the Heat and to the The 76ers. This puts us at an 0-3 start. watching how they struggle to finish the game makes me sick. The reason i get so sick is because they have depth and they have talent. Just not working out for them right now. It is still early.

Bottom line Devils doin well Yankees doin real well, Knicks doin bad, Raiders doin real bad.
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