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Posted on: November 9, 2009 2:18 pm

I except it, but i dont like it.

I woke up dismorning and look in the mirror. I said to my self " self what would you like to see happen today?" To answer that question, I'd like to see me get my new Yankees championship hat today. I'd also like to see the Raiders come off the bye and win at least 6 games this year. Then I really dug down deep, and said what do i really want to happen? I came up with, I'd like to see the Knicks win a second game.

I'v Already excepted that the Raiders are not gonna do much this year, and I'v excepted that the Yankees have won the ship. I have also excepted that the Devils are awsome, and probly will make the post this year. One thing i wont except is the fact that the knicks might be the worst tema in the league right now. Wait, no thats the Nets, but we are still really bad. Id even say awful.

It is early, so I except that we may have it in us this year to pull off 20 wins, and i except that the fix is in, and we may be tanking on purpose. I except that half the Knicks this year wont be there next year. I also except that David Lee is awsome.

I dont really know what my point is when it comes down to the bottom line. I dont offer any solutions, and i have more questions then answers, but what i do knnow is something needs to be addressed or its just gonna get worse from here. Lets just pretend that this Free agent pool really doesnt help us out in the long run, and we dont get LeBron James or any of the players that would make a difference. Lets just say all we get is Chris Bosh and Some old vet, and we Loose half the team we got now. On top of that we get a later draft pick. We will be totally screwed.

I cant wait any more. For most of my life the knicks have been ok at best. I'v seen them go from an allstar team, with Pat Ewing, Larry Johnson, John Starks, Ect. to a garbage team with , with the likes of Keith Vanhorn, and Travis KNight. Iv seen players who on other teams exceled , and then when they came to the garden the fizzled out to a small nothing( Steve Francis).

If you ask me, bring back Jeff Van Gundy and lets go backward, because goin foward aint working.

Let me knonw what you think.
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